OxygenOS 2.2.1 update for the OnePlus 2 brings RAW support to the default camera app

OnePlus 2

Another programming upgrade has begun taking off today for the OnePlus 2. It’s not going to change the basic Android form shockingly (so no Marshmallow for you), however it comes with some bug fixes and upgrades.

Boss among the last is the additional RAW backing for the preinstalled OnePlus Camera application. Crude picture catch hosts been bolstered in third-get-together applications following the time when a past overhaul in September of a year ago, and now this is at long last part of the inherent application also.

You’ll additionally find that similarity for Bluetooth gadgets and Ultra SIM has been enhanced, alongside a GMS 3.0 redesign. Meandering issues ought to have been alleviated, Romanian dialect support has been included, and some security patches. At long last, a fix has been conveyed for an infrequent picture defilement issue in OnePlus Camera.

As you may expect, the rollout will be incremental, so it might take a couple of days (or even weeks) for the overhaul to achieve your OnePlus 2 unit. In any case, it is en route, so whatever you can do is hold up.


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