Freedom 251 ordering suspended as website can’t handle traffic

A cell phone costing $4 was continually going to be a hit, however Indian organization Ringing Bells needed to take in the most difficult way possible precisely the amount of so. At 600,000 hits for every second (by the organization’s own record), its site couldn’t deal with all the activity and requests must be suspended. Fuss not however, Ringing Bells is chipping away at an answer and guarantees that all will be back to ordinary inside of 24 hours.

Flexibility 251 is the world’s least expensive cell phone and at under $4 (or INR 251, consequently the name) we can’t see that record getting broken at any point in the near future. That measure of money gets you a 4-inch qHD show, quad-center processor, a gig of RAM and Lollipop, so you are getting a lot of blast for your few bucks. Don’t forget to visit harga hp terbaru dan spesifikasi lengkap.

No big surprise then that the Freedom 251 broke the web when it dispatched yesterday. At two focuses in time the inquiry term was utilized more than three times as much as both Apple and Samsung consolidated, and no Kardashian could approach its notoriety.

The starting franticness has now calmed down a bit, and enthusiasm for the Freedom 251 has dove contrasted with built up brands, yet despite everything they can’t coordinate its numbers. Presently, if no one but you could arrange one.


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